Track #3


Looking to start your own, or grow your current, fitness business? Get exclusive strategies, systems and tools you need to PROSPER!

12:30 pm EST


Presented by Sean Greeley

Struggling to make enough money as a personal trainer? Do you have a plan to improve your income next year? Should you consider starting your own business and growing your income through online training, more in-person training, or opening your own studio or gym? Many fitness professionals ask themselves these questions but never make a decision or take action to achieve their goals. They worry about not being able to find and sign up new clients. They’re scared to ask people for money. And they fear they won’t be able to pay their bills. But the truth is, you can start a fitness business (even during COVID) that will give you a professional income and more time for yourself and your family — if you have the right plan. In this session, we’ll walk you step by step through the plan you need to make the money you want doing the work you love. 

1:45 pm EST

Presented by Sean Greeley

Too many personal trainers struggle because they don’t know where to start or what to do to find and sign up new clients. They under-charge because they get uncomfortable about asking people for money. And they believe that just collecting more fitness certifications equals more success. The result is they struggle to make money as a personal trainer. Many even consider giving up. Don’t be one of them. Even though the fitness industry is facing big challenges caused by COVID-19, you can find plenty of opportunities to step up and serve clients (both online and offline). In this session, you’ll learn the steps you need to earn an additional $1-3k/month as a fitness trainer. 

3:00 pm EST

Presented by Lisa Simone Richards

Everybody is doing the same thing: posting to Instagram and Facebook and investing in ads. And guess what? Everyone is getting the same result — feeling lost in a crowded sea of fitness professionals. Be the trainer who stands out by zigging when everyone zags and do something different. Stand out and get seen online using non-traditional methods. At the end of this session, you will know how to: 1) leverage other people's platforms to get seen; 2) position yourself with authority & credibility; and 3) create a buzz for your business.

5:15 pm EST

Presented by Lindsay Vastola

2020 has revealed one of greatest vulnerabilities of many fitness businesses: the risks of relying too heavily on fitness-focused revenue. As ‘fitness-business-as-usual’ dramatically changes, fitness businesses can no longer compete on fitness alone. Diversifying revenue outside of fitness-related services is critical. The solution: a signature program can uncover trapped value in your business, differentiate you from the competition (both online and in-person), improve client retention and can add several new streams of cost-efficient revenue. The best part? You most likely have everything you need to create your signature program; you just need to learn how to effectively package, price and sell it!

6:30 pm EST

Presented by Dolly B. Stokes

In today’s environment, it is now more important than ever for fitness professionals to have a solid understanding of how to meet change head-on, how to adapt to the circumstances and how to achieve success when unforeseen obstacles get in the way of day-to-day business. Dolly will share tips on how to overcome and achieve no matter what life’s circumstances throw at your business. You’ll also get tips on how to retain clients as they (and your business) age and evolve.