The Path to Success: Believe. Achieve. Adapt.

Presented by Dolly B. Stokes

In today’s environment, it is now more important than ever for fitness professionals to have a solid understanding of how to meet change head-on, how to adapt to the circumstances and how to achieve success when unforeseen obstacles get in the way of day-to-day business. Dolly will share tips on how to overcome and achieve no matter what life’s circumstances throw at your business. You’ll also get tips on how to retain clients as they (and your business) age and evolve.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn to recognize signs that change is needed and learn how to accept that change is needed a): Is the need for change due to your training methods or approach with clients? b): Is the need for change due to change in the needs or interests of clients?

  2. Learn methods that may help you through tough circumstances that have you discouraged by changing your mindset

  3. Learn strategies to make changes BEFORE change is needed or programming dies.

  4. Learn how to adapt your business to meet the needs of your clients (and to meet your needs to be engaged and excited about what you do).

  5. Learn to believe in yourself and that it’s okay to make changes to your training philosophies or principles

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A powerhouse of information and enthusiasm, Dolly Stokes is a leader in fitness education and instruction. Drawing on more than 30 years of fitness industry experience, Dolly has written and presented many of FiTOUR’s top-selling education resources. She packs dynamic energy and science-based research into every course she writes, and her certification workshops and DVDs combine solid education infused with positive energy to create a top-notch learning experience. Fitness professionals across the US have trained using courses created and presented by Dolly to expand their education in Boot Camp, Indoor Cycling, Aqua Fitness, Pilates Reformer, Kickboxing, Core & Functional Fitness, Myofascial Release and many more.