Create a Signature Program to Uncover Trapped Value in Your Business

Presented by Lindsay Vastola

2020 has revealed one of greatest vulnerabilities of many fitness businesses: the risks of relying too heavily on fitness-focused revenue. As ‘fitness-business-as-usual’ dramatically changes, fitness businesses can no longer compete on fitness alone. Diversifying revenue outside of fitness-related services is critical. The solution: a signature program can uncover trapped value in your business, differentiate you from the competition (both online and in-person), improve client retention and can add several new streams of cost-efficient revenue. The best part? You most likely have everything you need to create your signature program; you just need to learn how to effectively package, price and sell it!

Learning Objectives: 

  1. See how a signature program is a powerful – yet simple – solution that gives your business a competitive edge, protects your business by diversifying your revenue and can lead to new business opportunities

  2. Walk-through the 9 important steps to create and implement a successful signature program including how to package, price and sell your program (online and/or in-person)

  3. Understand the 3 critical elements that every successful signature program needs to increase loyalty (i.e. retention!) and create a stronger culture in your business

  4. Discover how you can integrate your signature program into your business funnel to significantly increase your revenue potential and reach

  5. Realize how a signature program positions you as a thought-leader so you can uncover even more trapped opportunities through new services, products, books, courses and other revenue not reliant on fitness-only services


Lindsay Vastola teaches fitness business owners how to create signature programs that increase revenue and retention, simplify sales and marketing, and provide the freedom for fitness professionals to have greater impact. She is the founder of Body Project Fitness, a women’s fitness and lifestyle company and VastPotential, offering professional development resources for fitness professionals. Lindsay served as the editor of Personal Fitness Professional (PFP) magazine from 2011-2019, serves on several fitness industry advisory boards and is a writer, speaker, and educator across industries.